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There are about 20 million refugees in camps throughout the world. This figure does not include those internally displaced inside their own nations, nor those seeking asylum. According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), one in every 122 of our fellow humans is now a refugee, internally displaced, or seeking asylum.

If this number were the population of a country, the UNHCR reports, it would be the world’s 24th biggest nation. Most heartbreakingly, half of the world’s refugees are children.


It is time to act. World Taekwondo (WT), which administers the Olympic sport globally, is doing just that. We have helped establish the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation (THF) in April 2016 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

THF’s mission is to empower refugees and displaced persons worldwide by training them in the sport and martial art of taekwondo, bringing them physical and mental well-being as well as discipline, self-defense and self-belief. Through several projects, the Foundation supports refugees with necessary equipment, infrastructure and educational programs teaching the values of Olympism and global citizenship, while offering them a chance to evolve in the sport.

Committed to offer quality long-term or recurring projects to people caught in crisis, THF’s work is based on humanitarian principles and the idea that sport can help achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


THF values working in close collaboration with various stakeholders to ensure aligned field intervention. It is committed to regularly evaluate the effects of its operations, remaining accountable to its beneficiaries and donors.

How do I support THF?

The best way you can help right now is by spreading the word on THF’s mission and its activities, signing our online petition and supporting us through social media, our website and newsletter. We also need funds and equipment to move forward on our projects and welcome cash as well as in-kind donations.

What is the online petition?

The online petition is a campaign THF runs to gather as many signatures as possible from individuals who believe in THF’s mission and want to help THF to convince global decision makers of the importance of sport as an empowerment tool for refugees and displaced persons. To sign our petition, go to www.thfaid.org/support-our-campaign/, enter your name and email and share it with your friends and family! For direct access to the petition page, you can scan the QR code found on the left.


Where to follow THF on Social Media? We are currently active on Facebook and Instagram and would love to engage with you on these channels! Our most used hashtags are #THFaid #refugee #taekwondo #sportforpeace facebook.com/thfaid instagram.com/thfaid

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